More than twenty years ago, Oliver y Oliver decided not to distill, as it made more sense to select the best available distillates in the Caribbean.

Their Cuban Rum Maestros make a choice of which alcohols they consider to be the finest and obtain selected ultra fine alcohol from distilleries in Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic as well as medium alcohol or malt from Trinidad & Tobago and other distilleries in the French and English Caribbean Islands.

The exceptional barrels are brought to the bodegas for rum aging in the Hato Nuevo valley, located in the rural area of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

They age, blend and fusion the different distillates and place them to mature in Tempranillo and Bourbon barrels, under the traditional solera method.

Opthimus rums are distinguished by their quality, aromas and flavors. They are amongst the most highly awarded in the world and have been receiving impressive results from competitive tastings worldwide.

The special finish rums are placed to finish for approximately six months in barrels that were previously used to age Malt Whisky, Sherry or Port. Once the finishing process has commenced, the rum is bottled and the label indicates which cask the rum was finished in.

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